Interview with Kael Lazla, Chief Marketing Director

Please introduce yourself! What’s your name, where are you from, and what is your role at TDF?

How did you come to work in the video games industry?

Like many people, I’m a gamer by heart. I’m playing videogames since I received my first console, a Megadrive. I was a big fan of platformers and RPGs. I think I owned every console released on the market. When I was 19, I was looking for a job to pay for my school. I ended up writing reviews in a French Videogame Magazine called “Consoles Plus”.

Once I received my diploma in Marketing, and because of all the network I made in the industry, I was hired as a Junior Marketing & PR Manager at Blizzard Interactive. My first task was to work on the release of the second expansion of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

After a few years, I decided to move to Montreal and have a fresh start there. I managed to find a Marketing and Production Job in a small studio. This is where I started working on game for Mobile Devices, which was at the beginning of its life.

I feel very lucky and grateful to work in this industry I love so much!

Before joining TDF, for which companies were you working?

As I mentioned, I have a long history in the gaming Industry. Before TDF, I was the Director of Marketing AND the director of Live Operations for Square Enix Mobile. I’ve been there for 5 years building, managing and growing Multiple great games. Prior to Square Enix, I was working for a French Company Canada: Gameloft, Managing the products developed in Canada. I’ve been in service to the mobile industry for more than 12 years.

What makes the Mobile, the platform of choice for gaming?

Any major game(s) are you proud of?

I’ve been lucky to work on many games. I developed, produced, designed, market and optimized more than 28 mobile games in my life. Some big games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider, Hitman, and some you never heard of like Tree World, Chop Chop Soccer or Zombie Farm. Some were big successes, others… big failures. But I’m proud of all of them because they helped me to learn and progress professionally.

What was your real challenge on Infinite Drive compared to other projects you had to work on?

There are multiple. First, the Web3 world is totally new world. It means that the way we approach Marketing should be different. In the free-to-play world Marketing is strongly supported by data points and we rely a lot on complex algorithm and prediction system to identify the right player for our game. It’s less personnel. In the web3, it’s more organic, more direct. Players are not just players, they are investors who care about their time and investment. We have to take the time to clearly explain them what we are trying to achieve and clearly listen to their feedback and act quickly. I found it more fun to be honest!

How do you see the future for Infinite Drive?

We are building the project as a bridge between Web3 and Web 2. We are trying to build a Web 2.5 project. We want Infinite Drive to become the ultimate platform for all game lovers. The game is also built to help non NFT expert to understand the beauty of ownership and all the benefits the Blockchain can bring in a game. A lot of our players will come from the traditional mobile gaming world, and we hope it will be the entry point of the Web3 world for this audience.

Communities will be the center of the Infinite Drive Metaverse. Players will be about to regroup in Infinite Drive, create clubs, exchange, compete, show their car collection and more! This is an exciting project, and we will invite everybody who want to democratize the Web3 gaming to join us 😊

Anything you’d like to add for our readers?

Our promise is to deliver a game very soon. With the help of our communities, we want the game to grow with more and more activities to do in the game. Everybody will be able to enjoy the game, as a player or as a Car owner. I’m really excited with this game and can’t wait to show it to the world!

By The Tiny Digital Factory Team
Published August 11, 2022

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Stéphane Baudet - Founder & CEO

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