Tiny Digital Factory Team
Tiny Digital Factory Team


We are an independent developer and publisher specialized in mobile gaming since 2015.

Originally located in Montreal, we developed our activities and now also operate in Lyon, a central hub in Europe for video games.
We have a staff of 30 people today (Montreal 5 and 25 in Lyon). The 2 founders, Stéphane & Pierre have been in the game industry for more than 60 years all together!

We believe that mobile gaming hasn’t reached its full potential yet, and will grow to truly entertain and make people live their passion. That is our objective: create free-to-play mobile games to entertain a global audience.

We have a strong focus on racing and motorsport management games. With more than 5 racing games developed or co-developed over the last 4 years, we tend to be pretty good at it…We have also been involved in blockchain gaming for 2 years thanks to our collaboration with Animoca Brand.

Some of us started working in the game industry in the late 80’s, early 90’s. We share a common work experience at Infograms/Atari, which stand amongst the largest companies in the game industry at the time. We acted as producer, programer, and game director back then.

Tiny Digital Factory Lyon
Tiny Digital Factory Montreal


Meet the talents behind The Tiny Digital Factory, in a series of interviews.



Creation of The Tiny Digital Factory in Montreal, Canada



Creative Direction and co-development with Nvizzio



The Tiny Digital Factory opens its second studio in Lyon, France



Electronic Arts, Creative Direction and co-development with Eden Games



Full development and publishing for Shell under the official Ferrari license



Animoca Brands, Co-development of the first blockchain racing game



Full development and publishing, awarded Best Racing Game of 2021 by the Samsung GalaxyStore



Second blockchain racing game co-developed with Animoca Brands



Full development and publishing



Full development and publishing


Stephane Baudet CEO

Stéphane Baudet - Founder & CEO

Stéphane is the Founder & CEO, and has 30+ years of AAA and Mobile game development expertise. Founder of Eden Games and The Tiny Digital Factory, he is the creative mind behind hugely successful AAA and mobile racing franchises, such as V-Rally, Test Drive Unlimited, F1 Mobile Racing and GT Manager.

Pierre Carde - Managing Director

Pierre has been in the game industry for 25 years. He started at Infogrames/Atari in 1996 and worked on several game franchises as a producer. He created in 2021 the international event Game Connection which he developed in the USA, Asia and Europe. He joined forces with Stéphane Baudet in 2019 and serves as the Managing Director for The Tiny Digital Factory with a strong expertise in Finance and Operations.

Isabelle Merley - Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer & Certified Professional Coach from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Isabelle has over 20 years’ professional experience in HR, working in innovative environments.
She has naturally developed her skills in change management and talent management. Isabelle joined the management team to implement an ambitious HR policy where everyone can fully express their talent and grow within the company.

David Zennaro - Technical Director

After graduating in engineering from the Centrale Méditerranée in Marseille, David gained more than 12 years of experience in programming and programming team management. He has released multiple games on PC, mobile as well as on consoles, within The Tiny Digital Factory, or in collaboration with Ubisoft Mobile, or Amplitude during former experiences.

He currently oversees the development at TDF, and manages the tools used by the whole team.

Guillaume Buteneers - Art Director - Product & 2D

Before joining The Tiny Digital Factory in 2022, Guillaume has spent a few years working as an art director in advertising agencies, working with brands such as Samsung, McDonald, Ford, Sony Pictures or Yves Saint Laurent.

Due to his knowledge of the different audiences and their artistic sensibility, Guillaume supervises and manages the UI/UX Design team, actively contributes to the artistic direction of all games developed by the studio, and ensure the graphic high quality and consistency across all media. 

Julien Deswarte - Art Director - 3D Content

After graduating from Isart Digital, Julien has developed his expertise during 10 years in game art production within multiple projects inside Tiny Digital Factory, and in collaboration with Eden Games, Animoca and other studios. Some of these projects are Rollercoaster Tycon Touch, F1 Mobile Racing or GT Manager, and more…

At TDF, he is responsible of the 3D production and is taking care of the overall visual quality of our games as managing the 3D art team.

Miklós Váradi - Product Marketing Manager

Miklos is in charge of all marketing activities of the different projects in the studio, starting from community engagement to building marketing strategies. Coming from a motorsport background, he also aims to bring his knowledge to implement partnerships with racing drivers, and brands to market our games in the best possible way.

Quentin Fuzeau - Licensing & Partnership Manager

Passionate by video games, Quentin started working in the industry in 2015 and with more than 6 years of experience as Licensing Manager, he is the key contact with car manufacturers. Developing and maintaining great relationships with the most prestigious brands is at the heart of his activity, so the community can enjoy the best cars in our games. He also makes sure that any car available within the game has previously been fully approved by the car manufacturer, to guarantee an experience as realistic as possible.

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