We are proud to announce the Infinite Drive project, the world’s first real driving metaverse.


Infinite Drive is a digital space or Metaverse designed for car enthusiasts and where users interact and play within a single environment. Infinite Drive uses blockchain technologies to allow users to own parts of the game such as cars which are verifiably owned and decentralised NFTs.

We at Tiny Digital Factory are foremost game makers and our focus is game first, then blockchain. Together with the community we are building a game that is accessible to a wide audience and fun to play. At the cross-road of free-to-play and play-to-earn, we chose to use Web 3 technologies on Infinite Drive to enhance traditional gaming experiences like community features, game assets true ownership and play to earn mechanics.

You can download the game for free and you don’t have to own a crypto wallet neither purchase an NFT to start playing the game. In Infinite Drive, players are encouraged to collect cars to access social events, compete in races or simply drive on open roads. Players and NFT car owners are rewarded with a centralised token or hard currency similar to the ones used in traditional free-to-play games. This token economy is therefore not impacted by other listed tokens or crypto currencies fluctuations.

We hope to take blockchain gaming to a mass-market audience. The way the game is designed, people with zero blockchain experience are going to start collecting car NFTs that have real-world value without having to have any previous knowledge about what blockchain technology is about. Infinite Drive makes the blockchain underlying technology invisible by being “on-chain” only when necessary.

Players don’t have to incur fees if they use their NFTs in Infinite Drive or otherwise don’t transact with them. Players items are stored in a private and centralised database where both NFTs and regular items can coexist. Players have the option to bring an asset from the game custodial wallet to on-chain at any point in time by linking a personal wallet to their Infinite Drive account.

By The Tiny Digital Factory Team
Published May 31, 2022

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Stephane Baudet CEO

Stéphane Baudet - Founder & CEO

Stéphane is the Founder & CEO, and has 30+ years of AAA and Mobile game development expertise. Founder of Eden Games and The Tiny Digital Factory, he is the creative mind behind hugely successful AAA and mobile racing franchises, such as V-Rally, Test Drive Unlimited, F1 Mobile Racing and GT Manager.