Who is behind Infinite Drive?

Developed by industry veterans behind some of the most successful free-to-play mobile titles such as Jurassic World: The Game, Gangstar, Hitman Sniper, Fallout Shelter, and Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch, The Tiny Digital Factory team’s experience includes the chart-topping GT Manager and F1 Mobile Racing. It also worked with Animoca Brands to develop F1 Delta Time, a pioneering web3 driving game, as well as the renowned REVV Racing game. Built with this motor gaming development pedigree, Infinite Drive delivers a unique blend of exhilarating racing, missions, and achievements, with web3 digital supercar ownership and trading.

What is Infinite Drive?

Infinite Drive is a digital space or Metaverse designed for car enthusiasts and where users interact and play within a single environment. Infinite Drive uses blockchain technologies to allow users to own parts of the game such as cars which are verifiably owned and decentralised NFTs.


There are 2 ways to progress in Infinite Drive: collecting cars and interacting with your cars.

Each time you own a new car, your Collector level increases. Each car rarity level provides a proportional number of Collector level points based on the car rarity. If you sale a car, your Collector level reduces accordingly. Therefore, your Collector level always reflects the value of your collection.

Your Collector level offers benefits such as exclusive access to certain events or pre-sales of new cars.

Participating in all types of activities provide Fame points. Your Fame level reflects your involvement in Infinite Drive. Individual activities provides more or less Fame points based on your achievements or time spent in an activity. If you become inactive for a long period of time, you lose fame Fame points.

Car Marketplace

The game features 2 types of cars: Those available in limited quantities (LIMITED, RARE, EPIC…) which are tradable NFTs and those available in an unlimited quantity (UNLIMITED) which are centralised digital items, only tradable in Infinite Drive.

Infinite Drive car NFTs can be traded outside of Infinite Drive on Magic Eden.
The marketplace includes 3 sections: The new cars on sale or to be sold soon, the secondary car market and the cars available for rent this week.


Garages are where your cars are stored, they represent you cars inventory, which can be shared with friends and club members.

Each garage features pre-positioned cars slots, but you can place each car on the spot of your choice. You can swap cars between 2 slots or simply move a car from a garage to another.

From your friend or your club members list, you can also review other users garages. You can make direct purchase or rental offers on their cars.

Racing Overview

The most common game mode is the Time Attack.
During this event that can last a day, drivers compete against others to perform the best time on the circuit.

Laps game mode is a real time racing event, where you must win a 3 lap race against other drivers. Obtain trophies for each completed race and climb in the leaderboard to grab the biggest rewards.

Each racing events comes with its own leaderboard, using either Best Time or Trophy count. this ensure that every players can demonstrate their skill in different ways and that participation is always rewarded. Leaderboard resets at the end of their event.

Car Rental

Renting a car is a cost efficient way to drive or race a car that is either not available anymore or expensive to purchase on the marketplace.

Every week, car owners have the ability to stack their car NFTs for the duration of a week. If they want to automatically rent their car for consecutive weeks, they can opt for the auto-renewal stacking and cancel it at anytime before the next week.


Infinite Drive features Clubs that you can either create or join. The purpose of the clubs is to gather multiple users around affinities. Affinities could be friendship, car brands interest, competitiveness, driving skills, you name it!

Open Road

Join the open road section of Infinite Drive where you can drive along your fellow crew members on the Nevada scenery. Own and build a Landmark building such as a gas station to use as a vista point for other drivers to meet and greet you.

By The Tiny Digital Factory Team
Published July 15, 2022

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Stephane Baudet CEO

Stéphane Baudet - Founder & CEO

Stéphane is the Founder & CEO, and has 30+ years of AAA and Mobile game development expertise. Founder of Eden Games and The Tiny Digital Factory, he is the creative mind behind hugely successful AAA and mobile racing franchises, such as V-Rally, Test Drive Unlimited, F1 Mobile Racing and GT Manager.