In this post we will take excerpts SHRD Whitepaper, primarily highlighting the rewarded mechanics and utility for the SHRD token within REVV Racing. As well notes on supply management and emission.

Introducing SHRD

The Shard Token or SHRD, is a multi-experience, cross-blockchain fungible token for the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. SHRD exists to reward the act of play and engagement. Becoming the primary reward for participation in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, and sitting below the REVV token in the wider economic model. SHRD use is experience or game specific, designed to ensure that the utility is relevant to the manner that it is earned: if you earn SHRD through play, its use will enhance your play experience.

SHRD Tokenomics: REVV Racing

Introducing REVV Racing

REVV Racing is an arcade-simulation racing game, which is playable via web browser. It uses the Polygon blockchain for the game’s NFTs, which mostly exist as cars at current. The REVV token is required to access rewarded game events, and to purchase exclusive NFTs.

SHRD Earning System

In REVV Racing, SHRD is earned based on distance driven. SHRD are earned by the mile, with each track having a set number of miles for a single lap. Earning isn’t dynamic, so more SHRD is not accrued by simply driving aimlessly on a track.

SHRD Earning Rate Example — Entry Fee Multiplier
1 in this table equaling 100%, or 5 SHRD
Car Rarity SHRD Earn

The rarity of each car (there are a total of six in REVV Racing) dictates the base earn rate of that car. With Common cars earning at the default rate, and Apex earning at the highest possible base rate.

Earning Multiplier Formula

((SHRD Earn Base * Entry Fee) * Rarity) * Distance = Total SHRD Earned

SHRD Issuance

SHRD supply is not capped, but the emission is controlled through a monthly mint cycle. SHRD is also burnable. When used they are destroyed, opposed to transferred (compared to a REVV purchase for example). So the circulating supply of SHRD is fluctuating based on the amount earned and the amount used.

  • Total lifetime sessions: Total number of sessions a player has performed. This counts only “Event” sessions (paid), not Practise or Test Centre.
  • Car ownership: The number of cars owned.
REVV Racing — Fusion System and Catalyst (CATA)

One of the core utilities for SHRD in REVV Racing is the Fusion System. In brief: the Fusion System allows car owners to ‘fuse’ a car (which exists as an ERC-1155 NFT on Polygon) with another car, and other NFT assets (including those unrelated to REVV Motorsport), to generate new cars.

SHRD Tokenomics — MotoGP™ Ignition

Introducing MotoGP™ Ignition

MotoGP™ Ignition is a multi-game and collectible experience on the Flow blockchain. Players can collect Card NFTs, Video ‘Hot Shot’ NFTs, and gameplay specific assets (bike parts and rider gear), as they compete against other players in the MotoGP™ Ignition Manager and MotoGP™ Ignition Champions game modes.

SHRD Tokenomics — REVV Motorsport Tracks

Track NFTs and Ecosystem Usage

Tracks, circuits or courses, (referred to as Tracks for the remainder) are interoperable NFTs across REVV Motorsport. The interoperability of the asset does not necessarily come from direct action (like interoperable car NFTs, for example), but passive inclusion, with them being playable across multiple games.

SHRD Mint and Supply

The initial mint will see 30,000,000 SHRD created upon genesis, and then 2,000,000 per-month as rewards for at least the first two months (with a potential supply increase early depending on MotoGP™ Ignitions readiness). Of the genesis mint, 3,000,000 SHRD will be allocated to rewards as the first payout, while 25,000,000 will be used for liquidity. The remaining 2,000,000 SHRD from the first mint will be used as a liquidity buffer, but otherwise, utilised in the second mint cycle as rewards if the buffer is not required on liquidity set-up.

When Is SHRD Arriving?

SHRD minting will begin this month for REVV Racing, and MotoGP™ Ignition. After the first mint, uncapped and multiplier affected SHRD earning will be available for REVV Racing.

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about REVV Motorsport, and REVV Racing and MotoGP™ Ignition over at the official Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels and reach out to us for any questions or comments!

By Revv Racing Team
Published August 3, 2022

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