After a long preparation, we are extremely happy to announce that Aston Martin & Infinite Drive are partnering to launch an exclusive Aston Martin Car Collection on the Polygon Blockchain.

Aston Martin Vantage Series Mint

Starting December 18th, you’ll be able to collect and own the Aston Martin Vantage, the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 and the Aston Martin 1980 V8 Vantage in Infinite Drive, on the Polygon Blockchain!

The sale will be hosted on the Magic Eden marketplace on:

  • December 18thfor the Founders and Whitelist Mint starting at 11:00 UTC
  • December 19th, for the Public mint

Infinite Drive and Aston Martin are partnering to offer high prestige cars to the Web3 Community. 3 unique Aston Martin cars will be sold for a price of 66 MATIC and a total supply of 3000.

How the price was set?

We have been working closely with the Aston Martin brand to offer high prestige cars to the Web3 community as a UNIQUE collection. This very limited series will not be reproduced anymore and it will be the only chance to own these cars as NFTs.

Choosing a luxury brand for our next collection as Aston Martin implies important costs to create it, but we believe that this will benefit to all our car enthusiast collectors, as you will only be able to acquire them in Infinite Drive, and also to our players because the benefits will all be used to pay for new licenses and infrastructures for the good development of the game.

Aston Martin Brand

Makers of the most exquisitely addictive performance cars, Aston Martin is acknowledged as an iconic global brand synonymous with style, luxury, performance and exclusivity.

Aston Martin fuses the latest technology and time-honoured craftmanship to produce a range of critically acclaimed models.
Founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, Aston Martin has a rich history of racing, including overall victory in 1959 at Le Mans, and 2021 marked their return to the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula OneTM.

Aston Martin NFT Utility

Through this partnership, Aston Martin and Infinite Drive are bringing fans closer in the world of collectible cars. Car enthusiasts and NFTs collectors will be able to own the most famous and iconic cars of the brand.

The Aston Martin Series NFTs will provide their holders more than an access to the Infinite Drive Closed Alpha game. Read below ⤵️

Utility 1 — Own a renowned and OFFICIAL car collection

No matter which car you mint, it will be an Aston Martin! This brand is widely appreciated in the world and only a few people will have them.

This is your opportunity to stand out and fill your garage with the most beautiful cars of the brand.

Utility 2— Higher chance for renting

Once our integrated marketplace will be available, you will have a higher chance to rent your Aston Martin to other players due to its rarity and the exclusivity of the Aston Martin Vantage Series collection.

Utility 3— Future game perks

As the holder of an Aston Martin car, you can expect multiple game perks to come with our future integrated marketplace or with clubs! Stay tuned on Infinite Drive updates on our Discord server.

By The Tiny Digital Factory Team
Published December 15, 2022

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