How Infinite Drive’s art style was created?

Being both a metaverse and a racing game, Infinite Drive aims to provide a premium experience to car enthusiasts through licensed cars, exciting championships and a feeling that you are navigating through the hub of a garage manufacturer.

Infinite Drive needed to have impactful visuals to match an aesthetic universe where cars have a predominant place. In this week’s post, we will let you discover the origins of the art style, the atmosphere we wanted to convey and how it turned out in the current style.

We had to find an aesthetic that matched the official licensed cars and luxury brands that would enter the game as well as the mechanical world of motorsport. The question quickly arose: “Do we want to anchor ourselves in a luxury and dreamlike design or a premium and modern one?”. The answer was to find the right balance that would make players want to navigate a sleek platform while still feeling the luxury aspect.

We can define Infinite Drive’s art style as a clean and minimalist design that manages to express its personality through its graphic colour choices. Its blue evokes timelessnessmodernity and dynamism while the metallic, concrete and carbon materials will remind you of the automotive world.

In all of the visuals, cars occupy a dominant place and show that they are the main protagonists of the game. If you were to make a moodboard of the Infinite Drive universe, you would mainly see beautiful cars highlighted with vast horizons reminiscent of infinity.

What about in-game art?

Art Director, Emmanuel Navarro looks back at the origin of the project. His past experiences, notably at Ubisoft, allowed him to identify the trend of next gen video games: airy and minimalist aesthetics.

There is indeed a common problem with many games which is information overload. In Infinite Drive we value easy, enjoyable and fluid game experience. This is why you will find simple interfaces with beautiful environments: we wanted to minimize the interface to leave room for detailed 3D images.

In the multiple garages of the game you will find airy aesthetics with large windows and neon lights, while on the tracks you will find a realistic atmosphere thanks to a deep work of lighting remaining faithful to the codes of real circuits.

What is certain is that the current design is intended to be efficient but also leaves room for a multitude of possible evolutions. As our Art Director puts it so well: “If you liked the 3D aspect in the trailer, be ready because we’re coming with something even better”

By The Tiny Digital Factory Team
Published July 6, 2022

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